About us

About us

Brischem Trading is a market leader in chemical distribution which connects manufacturers and users of high quality chemical raw materials in big industries including: food, coating, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, personal care, water treatment and etc. throughout the world. Our experience, professionalism, commitment and dedication have driven us into a successful transformation. Brischem […]


Our services


We have a network of suppliers around the world. Each one of our suppliers has been carefully checked and selected by us. We have well thought-out and structured “Supplier Guidelines” which describe how the suppliers ought to work to make sure that we can grow together and develop a fruitful and prosperous relationship.


When we get inquiries that do not fit well with our existing suppliers, we conduct new supplier sourcing. We have strict rules and a well thought-out and structured way of working for each new sourcing mission to make sure we never miss the target.


100% qualitative analysis assured, which is the most important aspect of purchasing. We constantly try to develop and improve our team through training and in-depth audits.

Range of Products


As a supplier and distributor of adhesive and coating chemicals, Brischem is proud to work with the world’s leading adhesives, coatings, and sealants manufacturers to bring the materials which all paint and coating industries need.


Technology is increasingly contributing to the journey of food from the farm to the table. The food industry plays a key role in this process and Brischem can supply all chemical raw materials which are used in food production process.


As an international supplier of various commodity and specialty chemicals, Brischem has a strong ability to service manufacturers and other users with agricultural chemicals products.

Trusted Partners